Track Record

Augen Capital Corp.

Augen Capital Corp. (“AUG”) was founded as a private company in October 1994 by J. David Mason. The shareholder pool was composed of David, his family, and about 40 high net worth individuals. He took the company public via an Alberta Junior CPC merger in April 1997. Despite the depressed markets at the time, AUG achieved a 90% return on capital in its first year and established its first flow through fund. Under David’s direction, AUG created 11 annual flow through funds, raised a total of $150 million, and assisted in financing more than 300 emerging resource companies. AUG’s fund performance ranked in the top three for most of that time period. Management of AUG was sold to Integrated Asset Management in 2010.

Energy Fuels Inc.

The forerunner of Energy Fuels Inc. (“EFR”) was a publicly listed company for which AUG took management control in 2001. AUG put new management in place and sought new opportunities. In 2006 the company merged with a private company, Energy Fuels, which had exceptional management and excellent uranium properties. This was done on a share for share basis. $40 million was raised and the company achieved a market cap of > $250 million during the uranium boom of the last decade.

Augen Gold Corp.

Augen Gold Corp. (“GLD”) was founded by David Mason in October 2006 as a junior gold exploration company focused on establishing resources in the Swayze belt between Sudbury and Timmins, Ontario. Shareholders were Augen Capital Corp., various institutional and high net worth individuals, as well as David and his family. GLD went public via IPO in June 2008 and raised a total of $40 million before being taken over in November 2011. Under David’s leadership, GLD achieved a market cap of $75 million and a resource of >one million oz in an area less than 2% of the property.